Control your home environment and save construction costs with the Fresh Air Reversible Transfer Fan.




Why FartF?

  • One fan providing ventilation for bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable), and ASHRAE fresh air requirements.

  • One duct replacing the bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable) and outside air ducts.

  • Penetrations to the exterior for bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable) and outside air will be reduced to only one penetration.

  • The amount drop ceilings will be reduced due to eliminating ducts.

  • The amount of lined joist bays will be reduced due to eliminating ducts.  

  • Eliminates clearance requirements between outside air and bathrooms/kitchen (low rise).

  • Three-year warranty from date of installation.

How does it work?

Utilizing a patented technology the fart fan has the capacity to work in reverse. As a resulty the Fart Fan allows for providing fresh air and exhaust air through one duct.


A simple solution for a complex problem.  

The fan's normal operation setting is on supplying fresh air to the habitable space. The exhaust mode will be triggered in one of two ways; (i) humidity sensor, or (ii) manual switch. 

The smart control panel on the Fart Fan allows the exhaust operation for a maximum of 20 minutes prior to reverting back to supply mode. 


Supply Fresh Air


Exahust Bathroom


Exahust Kitchen


Supply Fresh Air 


Exhaust 2 Bathrooms

Supply Fresh Air 


Exhaust 1 Bathroom



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Prior to purchasing the Fart Fan, we recommend checking with your local regulatory agency for permit requirements as each jurisdiction may have different requirements. Fartf LLC or Sigler are not responsible for noncompliance with municiple requirements.

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Contact your nearest Sigler distributor for instllation and design assistance with this product.