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Control your home environment and save construction costs with the Fresh Air Reversible Transfer Fan.




Why FartF?

  • One fan providing ventilation for bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable), and ASHRAE fresh air requirements.

  • One duct replacing the bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable) and outside air ducts.

  • Penetrations to the exterior for bathrooms, kitchen (when applicable) and outside air will be reduced to only one penetration.

  • The amount drop ceilings will be reduced due to eliminating ducts.

  • The amount of lined joist bays will be reduced due to eliminating ducts.  

  • Eliminates clearance requirements between outside air and bathrooms/kitchen (low rise).

  • Three-year warranty from date of installation.

How does it work?

Utilizing a patented technology the fart fan has the capacity to work in reverse. As a resulty the Fart Fan allows for providing fresh air and exhaust air through one duct.


A simple solution for a complex problem.  

The fan's normal operation setting is on supplying fresh air to the habitable space. The exhaust mode will be triggered in one of two ways; (i) humidity sensor, or (ii) manual switch. 

The smart control panel on the Fart Fan allows the exhaust operation for a maximum of 20 minutes prior to reverting back to supply mode. 

Technical Data

Supply Fresh Air


Exahust Bathroom


Exahust Kitchen


Supply Fresh Air 


Exhaust 2 Bathrooms

Supply Fresh Air 


Exhaust 1 Bathroom



3505 Cadillac Drive

Building O, Suite 206

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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